University/College Athletic Departments

As I have doubtless mentioned, I consider our CIS and CCAA athletic departments as separate amateur sport organizations.  No, they are not sport governing bodies.  Yes, in theory, they do make money off of their athletes (I’m talking Canadian departments, not the NCAA, who of course do).  And yes, they do answer to the higher gods of their university/college administrations, which, to be frank, can at times be convoluted, highly political, and fiscally non-transparent…  BUT, if you think about it, the athletes themselves are a direct product of our PSO/NSO system, and they are still playing for the “love of the game”.

The two governing bodies of this system are the high and mighty CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) and the equally mighty CCAA (Canadian Colleges Athletic Association).  Here is the breakdown of their respective conferences, which you can also find in the accompanying pages:

Canadian Interuniversity Sport

Canadian Colleges Athletic Association

There are a couple of interesting notes to make here: 1) RSEQ covers high school, college (CEGEP), and university athletics in the province of Québec; 2) Neither Manitoba nor Saskatchewan are represented in the CCAA; 3) The Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC) is an official sixth collegiate conference, that is currently unaffiliated.

O Canada.


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