Provincial Sports Organizations

Provincial Sports Organizations – or PSOs, make sure to get with the lingo, kids – are the governing bodies of sport within their respective provinces.  All PSOs of the same sport (e.g. Ontario Lacrosse, Manitoba Lacrosse, Lacrosse PEI, etc.) feed into, or are governed themselves by, their NSOs.  These over-arching bodies create all the finicky rules and standards to make the lives of the humble PSOers as complex and stressful as possible.

As you can imagine, their are 10 PSOs (duh!) and 2.5 TSOs (Territorial Sports Organizations, that is), because Nunavut has 8 PSOs governed by the government of that beautiful Northern territory, which I still need to visit.

One more thing: apart from the Wizard-of-Ozian NSOs that look after their own kind/sport, there is another sheriff in province (or territory) that has something to say about all of this sports stuff.  I’m actually not sure of the all-encompassing name for them, but let’s call them “alliances”, and they are the umbrella organizations for all the PSOs (of all sports) within a province (or territory).  Their responsibility is to foster space, resources, and sharing of information between the PSOs in a province (or territory).  Oh, and we’ll call them “alliances”, because uppity Ontario decided to name theirs differently, you’ll see.  Without further ado, here are the links to your 13 PSOs and TSOs in Canada:

Please note, that we work West to East in these lists.  Just because.

Happy hunting.

O Canada.


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