Alliances – As opposed to a NSO or PSO, an alliance is a governing body of PSOs in a given province or territory.  For example, BC Sport or Sport Alliance Ontario.

Bush League – A baseball term from the 20th Century. In this expression “bush” refers to the country (an old use from colonial times, referring to land away from the city, which was uncleared). So the “bush league” referred to the teams that played out in the country — minor league as opposed to the big/major league teams in the cities. Apparently the original expression was not meant as a putdown, but since these teams were staffed by amateurs, not the professional major-leaguers, the expression took on the notion of “unprofessional, amateurish.” By 1914 the term was extended to uses beyond baseball.

Player Handlers – Like an animal handler, a person that handles a professional athlete during media/social events.  The purpose of the handler is to make sure the athlete gets t and from the event, not get harassed by fans, and is adequately hydrated and fed.  Sometimes handlers are required to make sure the athlete is engaging with fans instead of playing on cell phone, or otherwise distracted.

Professional Degrees – Professional sports, in my opinion, are like professional degrees, you have to go that extra mile (Masters degree) to attain your goals.  For now, we will assume that the major professional sports in North America – Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse – are the “professional degrees”.  Yes, I know that there are other pro and semi-pro (went through law-school but didn’t pass the Bar) leagues around, but let’s give the big boys their due.

SCULs – or 3SCUL or Somebody Should Sanction these Clandestine Unrecognized Leagues are Canadian amateur sports leagues that are not sanctioned by the regular sport governing bodies.  For instance, the Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA) is not sanctioned by CIS, but still operates with CIS teams quite successfully.  Other notable examples are the Canadian University Rowing Association, Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association, Prairie Athletic Conference, and Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference.

Wheelhouse – A person’s area of expertise,or where they are most comfortable. In baseball this is the part of an individual’s swinging range in which as a hitter they can make the best contact with the ball. If a pitch is right in your wheelhouse it is right where you want it, in the spot where you have the best chance of hitting it well.


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